Digital Marketing

Looking to reach customers through the internet but don’t know where to start? It can be hard to know what online tools are the most useful for your business. Social media, SEO, viral videos, emailing, what do you really need? Contact me for a free consultation and we can talk through what strategies would best suit your goals.

Web Design

Want to have a website that you can manage and update yourself? I make websites using WordPress templates, which means that once they are set up, modifications can be made easily through the admin dashboard. No more extra charges or long waits to update your website. I’ll show you how to do it yourself, no coding involved!


It doesn’t take 1,000’s of euro to make a good video. Aesthetically pleasing and cinematographic shots are great but storytelling and communicating a message are much more important. You don’t need expensive gear, production teams or even actors to show consumers what your business is about. I have all my own gear and film and edit the videos myself. I can also help with brainstorming and writing the script, if you aren’t quite sure what kind of video¬†would be best for you.




About Me

Hi! My name is Sandra Harney. I am a geek who is super passionate about digital marketing, videography and just about everything creative that the internet and computers allow us to do these days.

Born in Leuven, Belgium, I am Finnish and Irish by nationality and currently live in the beautiful French countryside of Aube, 1.5 hours south-east of Paris. I am a native English speaker and also speak fluent Finnish and French.

I am a graduate of the Global Business and French programme from Dublin City University and NEOMA Business School in Reims. I spent two years in each of these universities to earn my dual degree and after finishing up my studies I decided to put my geeky skills to good use and start working under my own name SHMedia.

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